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Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India
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 Health Check Up in india

India no longer remains a historical attraction to world visitors. It has also depicted its magical expertise in medical treatment packages.

In recent time it has exhibited enormous development in different health care packages, apart from dental care, heart surgerypackage and use of radioactive isotopes in medical treatment package India.

Master health Check–up Scheme – TNMSC provides Master Health Checkup Scheme to the General Public,

at Government General Hospital Chennai from 01.04.2001. An ostensible fee of Rs.250/- is charged and the following services are gives ECG, X-Ray, Ultra–sonogram, Haemogram, Bio-Chemical Test and General Test.

This centre is outfitted with 3 Doctors particular in the fields with Para Medical staff solely. The consequence is given to the patient in a printed file so as to have the permanence far treatments and further course of actions.

For expert opinion on intricate cases, the services of the experts in concerned department are also availed to give an eminence report.

Also the essential medicines are supplied to the patients after exam at free of cost.

Periodical review can be had at this centre at free of cost. To steer clear of long waiting appointments are given to the patients for a period of a week's time on payment of Rs.50/- which is amendable against the fee of Rs.250/- due at the time of check-up.

Health check up package India generally embraces the following: -

Complete Clinical assessment, Gynaecology discussion, and Eye inspection, Blood Tests, full Haemogram, HB, TLC, Platelets, DLC, ESR, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, MPV, PCT, PDW, PS, Blood Sugar, Fasting, Post Prandial, Lipid Profile, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDL, Renal Profile, BUN, Creatinine, Electrolytes, Uric Acid, Liver Function Tests, Bilirubin Direct, Indirect and Total, SGPT, SGOT, Alk Phosphatase, Total Proteins, Albumin/ Globulin, A/G Ratio, Thyroid Function Tests, T3, T4, TSM, Urine Analysis, X-Ray chest, ECG, Ultrasound (abdomen), Echo, TMT, PSA (males) Pap smear (females).

But after all these tests, if mandatory, patients have to consult the doctors.


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