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Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India Medical Tourism India
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 Quality Health Care in India

India is the another developing country in the world. As far as the quality healthcare is concern india has got the experts doctors and hospitals are also well equipted with all latest technology available.

India is very well placed to tap the growing potential of the healthcare sector. It has the relevant skill-sets with adequate human resources to become the preferred healthcare player in emerging countries across the globe.

Increasing urbanization, superior demographics, better health consciousness and higher life expectancy has enhanced the demand for quality healthcare.

Although the Indian government-run public sector has taken lot of initiatives in regards to the development of healthcare facilities, it is unable to do much now, which has brought the private sector into the picture.

This in turn, has brought in more capital, better technology etc. The recent Union Budgets too have been favorable to the healthcare sector.

There has been reduction of customs tariffs on life saving medical equipment, reduction of excise on certain critical drugs and abolition of duty on drugs and materials imported for clinical trials. Permissible depreciation rates for medical equipment under the Income Tax Law have been increased to enhance cash flows of the corporate hospitals in the private sector.

Lower interest on lending for private sector hospitals exceeding 100 beds will improve access to low cost funding for hospitals.

But the biggest leap has been the community-based universal health insurance scheme for the poor whereby a cover of Rs 30,000 is available for as low as Rs 2 per day with the Government contributing Rs 100 per annum for families below the poverty line.

The future of this sector looks bright and promising. Both, the government and private sector enterprises are joining hands to boost the Indian healthcare sector. Overall, the prospects appear very bright and reflect the old adage 'health is wealth'.


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