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  Tourist attractions India

Ahmedabad Tourist Places

Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad in India

The great soul Mahatma Gandhi established this ashram at the bank of Sabarmati River. This ashram was the nerve center for the Indian Freedom Movement. This is a place from where Gandhi ji started the Dandi March in 1930. Now ashram has been converted into museum, Gandhi Smarak sangrshalay. Museum displays Gandhi ji’s photographs, his personal belongings and a vocational school for poor people. If you would like to see the Gandhian way of life must need to visit the ashram.

Mosque of Sidi Sayid in Ahmedabad India

If one really likes to see the minute architectural work on stones must visit to Sidi Sayid Mosque in Ahmedabad.

This mosque acclaimed for its splendid Jhali screen, framed, in the ten semi-circular windows. The Sidi Sayid mosque is situated near Lal Darwaza is world famous for its exclusive stone tracery. It is hard to believe that all this fine tracery could have been cut from stone.

Hathee Singh Jain Temple in Ahmedabad India

Another marvelous master piece of Jain architecture is Hathee Singh Temple in Ahmedabad. This white marble wonder is dedicated to Dharmanath, the fifteenth Jina or Jain apostle. The temple has a cemented courtyard that is enclosed by a row of cloisters, which contains 52 holy places. So The Hathee Singh temple is one of the must visit places of Ahmedabad.

Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad India

Jama Masjid of Ahmedabad is one of the most striking mosques in India. The Jama Masjid was built by Ahmad shah in 1423.

This monument is constructed in Hindu-Islamic style of architecture. There 15 big domes are standing upon the 260 pillars. This Masjid is situated at her heart of the city, near the Bhadar fort. never miss the wonder like Jama Masjid during your Ahmedabad tour.

Teen Darwaza in Ahmedabad India

Teen Darwaza is one of the longest as well as the oldest gateways of the Ahmedabad city. It was established by Sultan Ahmed Shah in the year 141 A.D. Teen Darwaza is an architectural marvel and is truly an epitome of the fine Islamic architecture.

The Teen Darwaza was the symbol of royalty in past and now in present most happening shopping zone in Ahmedabad.

This most happening monument cum market welcomes you with open arms during your Ahmedabad tour.

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